Our Projects

The issue of how best to improve the quality of life in East End of Bridgeport, CT has long frustrated residents and City officials.  

BOOT CAMP FARMS has developed an innovative solution for a community in transition that has been blighted for a generation  by four acres of notorious brownfields which had a become a national urban legend of environmental degradation.  

Our Urban Agriculture Center will include an 80,000 sq. ft state of the art hydroponic greenhouse that will provide about 800,000 pounds of high quality produce for commercial sale as well as an adjacent retail center that will sell subsidized food to the residents of Bridgeport, helping to alleviate an ‘urban food desert’ - a community that lacks supermarkets stocked with high quality food.  

In addition to creating dozens of jobs, the Urban Agriculture Center will be a model of sustainability by recycling at least 90% of the water used for growing and requiring no pesticides.

As part of our new partnership with the Charles D Smith, Jr. Foundation, BOOT CAMP FARMS is currently remodeling the Charles D Smith, Jr. Foundation Community Center just a few blocks away from the Urban Ariculture Center where an extension program of the University of Connecticut’s Department of Agriculture will train the greenhouse farmers, offer agriculture courses to the community and show local schoolchildren the benefits of sustainable agriculture.  

BOOT CAMP FARMS expects to construct an additional six Urban Agriculture Centers in Connecticut over the next three years as well as a national rollout of state of the art hydroponic greenhouses, the future of food production in America.